Ordinary Photo Editing Applications So Cartoons, Install Immediately!

The photo editing application for cartoons is currently viral, especially for those of you who like to upload photos on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

Interestingly, now editing photos into cartoons can be done directly from the palm of your hand using a smartphone.

No need for editing skills, you can instantly turn your photos into cartoons with the help of an application that works automatically to turn ordinary photos into funny, beautiful and cool cartoons.

How to Edit Photos So Cartoons

Before continuing to change the photo into a cartoon, you should first prepare a photo that will be edited into a cartoon, namely a photo of the face or chest up.

For good results, try to take clear and detailed photos. Make sure to take photos in sufficient light conditions.

After preparing a photo to make a cartoon, you need to download and install the photo editing application that we recommend below.

Download the photo editing application to cartoon via this link.


After successfully downloading and installing the application, you can open the application and select the type of edit or filter you want, for example 3D cartoons.

Don’t forget to give the necessary application permissions so that you can access storage to take photos via the camera or via the cellphone gallery.

Next, determine the part that will be used as a cartoon photo. By default the application will select the face, but you can set the share to be edited by sliding the frame.

Next, just press OK and wait for the application to edit the photo into a cartoon. Once finished, you can select the filters available at the bottom.

After you have finished selecting the cotton filter you want, all you have to do is select save to save the edited results to your phone’s gallery and are ready to share on social media.

Well, pretty easy, right? The results of the application edits need not be doubted. So don’t hesitate, just download this viral application.